Tea Party Photo Shoot

Part of running your own clothing company is doing photo shoots. I admit that they can be really stressful. Organizing so many moving parts; photographer, models, other designers, sometimes hair and makeup and the set design is a ton of work. Always completely worth it in the end. However, this photo shoot was just fun! It went together so smoothly and we had two perfect little models, Isla and Valentina. We put together the tea party that every little girl dreams of, or at least the tea party I dreamt of. 


Mae & Co. made these beautiful dresses to fit the occasion and they paired so perfectly with The Peach Polkadots flower crowns. 


I was finally had an excuse to use this china my great aunt gifted me as a child. 


Outfit change to a Pink Revolver dress and Acanthus Apparel bee leotard with a Pink Revolver skirt.  


I loved when the girls started to warm up to each other. This was Valentina's first time modeling and she did such a great job! And then there's Isla, she is becoming quite the professional model for a three year old. 


Third tea party outfit! These are our new Acanthus Apparel leotards! Isla wears them to dance but they can be worn everyday paired with a cute skirt. The skirts shown are from Old Navy. 


The rose petals were a hit! 


So were the cupcakes! 


Everything was darling! 


But I think the donuts stole the show. 

Photography by Raelyn Ramey.